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Kejriwal's Approach To Shaheen Bagh And CAA Disadvantages BJP

It is no wonder then that Kejriwal is called a maverick. He may not be as astute as Modi or a Chanakya like Amit Shah, but he is aware of his strengths and knows Delhi better than any leader of significant stature in the city. He is no longer the gullible social activist who wanted to fight every issue. As a politician, he has come of age. And that will make this Delhi election difficult for both Modi and Shah. Image

The Shaheen Bagh protest which is creating waves even in international media is a non-issue for the Aam Aadmi Party. And the BJP in Delhi is confused by this. It may be puzzling for political pundits as to why AAP, which was born out of a social movement and which was once famous for hitting the streets at the drop of a hat, is not seen even in close proximity of Shaheen Bagh.

Attacked in 2014, city beef trader secures refugee status in Canada

The man, whose identity has not been revealed, worked in the family’s meat business since 1998, and was attacked in 2014 by 10 unknown persons, who he alleges belonged to the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS). A few days later his residence was also attacked.

A Mumbai man, who used to be a part of the beef slaughter industry and was allegedly persecuted for it, has gained refugee status in Canada. A court in Montreal ruled that the man “has a subjective fear of persecution in India as a Muslim and as someone who was involved in the beef slaughter industry”.The judgment by the Refugee Appeal Division (RAD), sets a precedent for a possible flood of similar applications that could reach Western shores, and in particular Canada.

Soni Razdan: Afzal Guru a ‘scapegoat’, Davinder Singh’s role in Parliament attack must be probed

In another tweet, the actor clarified that while she is not calling Afzal Guru "innocent", Davinder Singh's role in the case should be probed. Actor Soni Razdan seeks probe into Davinder Singh's role in Parliament attack, calls Afzal Guru 'scapegoat'
Actress Soni Razdan at her residence in Mumbai. (Express photo by Nirmal Harindran)

Calling the 2001 Parliament attack case convict Afzal Guru a mere “scapegoat”, senior Bollywood actor Soni Razdan on Tuesday demanded a probe into J&K DySP Davinder Singh’ role in the attack.

Why it took Kejriwal 6 hours to file nomination papers for Delhi polls

After 6 hours, 44 candidates, Kejriwal files nomination; AAP cries ‘BJP proxies’.AAP claimed that 35 candidates with incomplete papers insisted that they would not allow Arvind Kejriwal to file unless their nominations were accepted.
Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal at the Returning Officer’s chamber. (ANI)

Holding token number 45 and after waiting for over six hours, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal finally filed his nomination on Tuesday for the New Delhi Assembly seat as dozens of independent candidates queued up at Jamnagar House to file their papers. The drama at the Returning Officer’s (RO) chambers saw AAP accusing the BJP of “conspiracy” and sending 35 candidates to just block Kejriwal’s nomination.

JD(U) leader to Nitish: You say BJP dangerous for India, then why Delhi poll alliance

Pavan Varma in his letter says Nitish had confessed the "BJP leadership had humiliated him", and that he had assigned a party official the task of "regrouping democratic and socialist forces within the country". Pavan Varma, JDU, Nitish Kumar, JDU delhi polls, CAA, NPR, NRC, Nitish Kumar on CAA, Pavan Varma letter to Nitish, Bihar news, indian express
Varma says there is an ‘urgent need for the JD(U) to harmonise what the party’s Constitution says, what the leader of the party feels in private, and what actions the party takes in public’. (File)

Days after JD(U) announced it would fight the Delhi Assembly elections in alliance with BJP, the party’s national general secretary Pavan Varma has written to Nitish Kumar, asking him for “ideological clarity” given the Bihar’s CM’s “own views on the BJP, and the massive national outrage against the divisive CAA-NPR-NRC scheme”.

Himalayan hubris: Not going back on CAA, those protesting may continue: Amit Shah

JNU mein desh virodhi naare lage. Mujhe batao jo Bharat Mata ke 1000 tukde karne ki baat kare use jail mein dalna chahiye ya nahi? Bharat Mata ke khilaaf is desh mein naare lage toh jail ki salakhon ke peeche daal dunga:Amit Shah 
Union Home Minister Amit Shah said, “I challenge Rahul, Akhilesh, Mamata and Mayawati for a discussion on CAA with me in public forum.” (Express photo: Vishal Srivastav)

Even as protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) continue in various parts of the country, Union Home Minister Amit Shah Tuesday said the government won’t step back on the contentious legislation. Addressing a rally in Lucknow, Shah said, “I want to say it again that the government is not going back on the CAA. Those who want to protest may continue doing so.”

CCTVs at JNU server room not vandalised but shut down on January 3: RTI

The RTI reply also stated that "no continuous and entire" CCTV footage of cameras installed at North/Main gate of the JNU campus from 3 pm to 11 pm on January 5 was available, the day when masked men had entered the campus, and attacked students and teachers with iron rods and sledgehammers. JNU violence, JNU attack, JNU ABVP violence, JNU protests, JNU attacks, delhi city news, delhi police
On January 5, masked men and women ran riot on JNU campus injuring over 30 students and teachers. (Express Photo)

Contradicting the claims made by the Jawaharlal Nehru University administration that agitating students damaged biometric systems and CCTVs at the server room, the varsity, in an RTI reply, said the main server at the Centre for Information System was shut down on January 3 and had gone down the next day “due to power supply disruption”.

India's lower than expected GDP numbers 'biggest drag' on global growth forecast for two years, says IMF's Gita Gopinath

The reductions reflect the IMF’s reassessment of economic prospects for a number of major emerging markets, notably India, where domestic demand has slowed more sharply than expected amid a contraction of credit and stress in the non-bank sector. Image result for photo of IMF's Gita Gopinath

The IMF on Monday lowered India's economic growth estimate for the current fiscal to 4.8 percent.

In October, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) had pegged India's economic growth at 6.1 percent for 2019.

Running out of tricks

As the questioning and challenging have spread, the goon auxiliary has descended, openly working with the complicit police — attacking the people asking questions, the many who have been calling out the fraud from long before, as well as innocent passersby.

Ruchir Joshi

There is a classic American street hustle called Three-card Monte. A simple description of it is ‘a sidewalk gambling game run by shady operators to fleece passersby’. The operator sits with a flat surface in front of him on which he moves three playing cards, their backs facing up. Two of the cards are of the same kind, and one different.

Monday, January 20, 2020

"NRC Secular, But A Secular Harassment For All": Chetan Bhagat To NDTV

Mr Bhagat also said the controversial NRC will be, at best, a meaningless and chaotic exercise, and, at worst, it could trigger a civil war image
Noted author Chetan Bhagat spoke to NDTV today on the National Register of Citizens

New Delhi: 
There will be abuse the moment the NRC (national register of citizens) is executed, author Chetan Bhagat told NDTV today, elaborating on an article he wrote for the Times of India in which he argued it "would cause secular harassment to all" and "must be shelved".

Why NRC must be shelved: It will be an expensive, gargantuan, pointless exercise that could trigger civil war in the worst case

The rich and affluent will finally make it. The poor will scramble, grovel and beg. The sarkari babu will enjoy this extra power boost. Oh, and there will still be a rate. It’s just that the stricter the criteria are, the higher the rate will be.
Illustration: Chad Crowe

NRC has caused huge controversy, polarised opinion, created massive anxiety and made people come out on the streets. The government is now on the back foot. However, it hasn’t done what it should – to officially withdraw it or put it in long-term cold storage.

New caution to Government: Not just Muslims,even Hindus are apprehensive of the NRC

This new approach by analysts on the likely harassment of India's majority community is making large numbers of Hindus worried. New Caution To Government: NRC Fear Will Stalk Hindus Too
The NRC is now being deemed both discriminatory and dangerous even by BJP supporters (File)

New Delhi: Much of the resistance to the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and its prequel, the National Register of Citizens or NRC, has advocated that it is Muslims who will be marginalised and forced to prove they belong in India.

Saturday, January 18, 2020

India is steadily creeping from democracy to some form of thugocracy

As the economy tanks, the incentive for our rulers to divert public attention with divisive Hindu-nationalist antics gets stronger. This explains why
all kinds of changes to rights to information or to dissident opinion or even the definition of who is to be called a terrorist are launched. 
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In the last more than two centuries of world democracy, what has been regarded as the essential kernel of democracy is not so much in the winning of elections as in protecting minority rights

Contrary to expectation in many quarters five years back, the current regime has proved itself rather inept and incompetent in economic policy matters, partly because of over-centralisation of power with dependence on loyal mediocrities for policy advice, and partly because for a long time, it believed in its own hype and was in denial.

Friday, January 17, 2020

‘An assault on reason’:The targeting of university campuses is part of a campaign to discredit dissent

All fascist regimes target universities, since intellectuals have put up the greatest resistance against attacks on reason, freedom of expression and liberty. JNUSU claimed ABVP members are ‘pelting bricks, climbing over walls and getting into hostels and beating up students’.

 D. Raja 

The last few years have seen people from all over the country join hands to protest the policies of the BJP government. Currently, people are out on the streets against the Citizenship (Amendment) Act and the brutal attack on JNU students and faculty.

Delhi HC sets aside Jitender Tomar’s election in 2015 polls for false declaration

Tomar was accused of submitting forged degree certificates while enrolling himself with the Bar Council of Delhi. Delhi news ,Delhi city news, Jitender Singh Tomar, Tomar AAP, AAP Tomar, Tomar fake row degree
Former Delhi law minister Jitender Tomar is again contesting the upcoming Delhi Assembly on an AAP ticket from the Tri Nagar constituency.

The Delhi High Court Friday set aside the election of state’s former law minister Jitender Singh Tomar over false declaration regarding his educational qualification in his nomination papers for the Assembly polls in 2015.

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