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India's poor testing rate may have masked coronavirus cases

The WHO urges countries to test more people to curb the pandemic, but India has only been testing those who have travelled from affected countries or come in contact with a confirmed case and shown symptoms after two weeks of quarantine.Indians waiting at a train station wear protective masks as a precaution against the coronavirus pandemic (Rajanish Kakade/AP Photo] 
Indians waiting at a train station wear protective masks as a precaution against the coronavirus pandemic (Rajanish Kakade/AP Photo]

Indian authorities have said they will not expand coronavirus testing, as most affected nations are doing, despite criticism that limited testing could leave COVID-19 cases undetected in the world's second-most populous country.

Watch | #BeyondTheHeadlines: Ranjan Gogoi, Former Chief Justice, in Contempt of Court?

The move suggests a disconcerting cosiness between judge and litigant, a most powerful litigant at that.
  Watch | #BeyondTheHeadlines: Ranjan Gogoi, Former Chief Justice, in Contempt of Court?

Siddharth Varadarajan

Why should former CJI Ranjan Gogoi’s emergence as a Rajya Sabha MP matter?
Because as Chief Justice and master of the roster he presided over – or allocated to benches that he chose – several important cases in which the Modi government was a party.

And the same government’s eagerness to give him a six-year term as an MP suggests a disconcerting cosiness between judge and litigant – a most powerful litigant at that.

The Gogoi betrayal: Judges will not empower you, they are diminished men

Justice Gogoi’s actions are not simply a case of one bad apple. His actions will now cast doubt on the Court as a whole; every judgment will now be attributed to political motives. Ranjan Gogoi, Ranjan Gogoi Rajya Sabha, Rajya Sabha Ranjan Gogoi nomination, CJI Supreme Court Ranjan Gogoi, PB Mehta Indian Express, PB Mehta Ranjan Gogoi, Indian Express
Justice Gogoi’s track record as justice was to take a wrecking ball to the Indian Constitution and smash it to smithereens. (File photo)

Written by Pratap Bhanu Mehta 

We should be deeply grateful to Justice Ranjan Gogoi. His conduct has disabused us of any illusions we might harbour about the legitimacy of the Indian Supreme Court. The government, in a brazen contravention of all propriety, has given him a nomination to the Rajya Sabha. He has been shameless enough to accept it. In doing so, he has not just cast doubt on his own judgement, character, and probity; he has dragged down the entire judiciary with him.

Coronavirus Could Bankrupt Most Airlines By End Of May, Warn Analysts

Many airlines have probably been driven into technical bankruptcy or substantially breached debt covenants already, Sydney-based consultancy CAPA Centre for Aviation warned in a statement Monday. Coronavirus Could Bankrupt Most Airlines By End Of May, Some Warn Carriers from American Airlines Group Inc. to Australia's Qantas Airways Ltd. have slashed capacity.

The coronavirus pandemic will bankrupt most airlines worldwide by the end of May unless governments and the industry take coordinated steps to avoid such a situation, an aviation consultant warned.

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

"Coronavirus Is Like Tsunami": Rahul Gandhi Warns Of Economic Devastation

Our Prime Minister is sleeping at the wheel. He does not understand these things, unfortunately, I am telling you, the Prime Minister of the India is clueless about the economy, about how these things work and we are heading for an accident as a nation: Rahul Gandhi
"Coronavirus Is Like Tsunami", Says Rahul Gandhi Indicating The Economic Devastation
Congress's Rahul Gandhi today spoke to reporters on coronavirus outbreak.

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi today warned of an "economic devastation" in the next six months as he said that "people of the country are going to go through unimaginable pain" if India doesn't prepare itself amid coronavirus outbreak.

"Quid Pro Quo": "Death Knell For Power Separation": Justice (Retd) AP Shah On Ranjan Gogoi's New Role

"The message it sends to the judiciary as a whole is that if you give judgments that are favourable to the executive, you will be rewarded. If you don't do so, you will be treated adversely or you might be transferred or not considered for elevation":Justice AP Shah
Justice (Retd) AP Shah said he was shocked by the Rajya Sabha nomination of Ranjan Gogoi.

New Delhi: Former Chief Justice of India Ranjan Gogoi's nomination for a Rajya Sabha seat has been vehemently criticized by several retired judges, who have expressed deep concern over the message it is sending. Most agreed that it poses a grave risk to the independence of the judiciary and would shake the common man's faith in the institution.

Coronavirus: Spanish Football Coach Francisco Garcia, 21, Dies

Francisco Garcia, who had an unknown preexisting condition which was later revealed to be a form of leukemia, died aged 21. Coronavirus: Spanish Football Coach Francisco Garcia, 21, Dies Spanish football coach Francisco Garcia, 21, has died from novel coronavirus.-© AFP

Spanish football coach Francisco Garcia, who worked with Atletico Portada Alta, has died from novel coronavirus. He was 21. He was suffering from leukemia which made him vulnerable against the virus and he was taken to the Regional Hospital of Malaga with severe coronavirus symptoms where he passed away on Sunday, reports

Ranjan Gogoi’s RS nomination: Has last bastion fallen, asks Justice Lokur

In January 2018, Justices Gogoi, Lokur, J Chelameswar, and Kurian Joseph, the most senior judges then in the Supreme Court, in an unprecedented step, called a press conference to question the conduct of then CJI Dipak Misra, especially on the allocation of important cases. Ranjan Gogoi's RS nomination: Has last bastion fallen, asks Justice Lokur
Justice Kurian Joseph, Chelameswar, Ranjan Gogoi and Madan Lokur at the press conference. (Express Photo/Abhinav Saha)

Reacting sharply to the nomination of former CJI Ranjan Gogoi as a Rajya Sabha member by the government, his former colleague Justice (retired) Madan B Lokur told The Indian Express: “There has been speculation for sometime now about what honorific would Justice Gogoi get. So, in that sense the nomination is not surprising, but what is surprising is that it came so soon. This redefines the independence, impartiality and integrity of the judiciary. Has the last bastion fallen?”

‘Ghost Flights’ Have Been Taking Off Across Europe Because of Coronavirus

Completely empty flights have been taking off due to Europe's “use it or lose it” policy for flight slots

“Ghost planes” have been flying around Europe without any passengers during the coronavirus outbreak.

No one’s buying plane tickets — and those who are are donning facemasks and disinfecting their seats — for fear of contracting the virus. But completely empty flights were still taking off and landing, due to Europe's “use it or lose it” policy for flight slots. If airlines don’t have flights during the times allocated to them, they risk losing the spot to a competitor. So they’ve been continuing to fly during the coronavirus outbreak, even though no one’s on their planes.

Italian Inmates Are Looting Methadone and Setting Prisons on Fire in Violent Coronavirus Protests

“If people outside are scared, imagine what it’s like inside."

Italy’s coronavirus lockdown has triggered violent protests in prisons across the country, as inmates fear a devastating outbreak behind bars.

Eleven people are dead after protests erupted in 27 prisons Monday. Inmates took staff hostage, launched mass breakouts, lit fires, and scaled the roofs of prisons. Most of the deaths appear to have been overdoses of methadone looted from prison clinics, but at least one was from smoke inhalation, according to Francesco Basentini, the director of the Italian prison system.

“The U.S. is a special case:”Why the U.S. Could Be Worse Off Than Italy With the Coronavirus

U.S. was facing an even bigger challenge than Europe in limiting the spread of the virus. It appeared that far fewer tests were being carried out in the U.S. than in other affected countries in Europe. “There’s very little testing; it’s lagged quite badly behind.There’s a lot of unknowns” :Balloux, director of the University College of London's Genetics Institute

Italy is implementing radical new measures against COVID-19, and that could soon be the new normal for other countries fighting the virus.

Italy Is a Ghost Town Because of Coronavirus. The Rest of Europe Is Next.

Italy has seen a huge jump in coronavirus deaths, and has responded by closing all shops except pharmacies and food retailers.

Italy has tightened its coronavirus shutdown even further, closing virtually all shops except for pharmacies and supermarkets Thursday, after its death toll rose at a staggering rate.

Italy May Soon Be Forced to Stop Treating Coronavirus Patients Over 80

A plan for the next phase of Italy's response lays out criteria for determining who gets intensive care treatment and who doesn't. CECILIA FABIANO/LAPRESSE VIA AP

Italian hospitals, buckling under a surge of coronavirus patients, may soon have to deny intensive care treatment to people over 80, according to draft plans for the next phase of the crisis.

Sunday, March 15, 2020

Inside Delhi's coronavirus crack team: How AAP task force is hunting for suspected cases

The AAP government's task force is tracking, and following up with, those who might have come in contact with the infected patients as well as flyers who came to the National Capital from countries affected by COVID-19.
delhi, coronavirus, aap
The task force came to know that the first Delhi patient had come in contact with 105 people. The number for the second confirmed case turned out to be 168. The third patient had come in contact with 64 people. (Photo: PTI)

Delhi has so far reported three confirmed cases of Coronavirus. While authorities are working overtime for their recovery, massive behind-the-scenes efforts are also being made to ensure the disease doesn't spread.

The success of mohalla clinics

Delhi poll verdict shows aligning political expediency with actual health needs of the country seems possible A Mohalla Clinic in New Delhi.
A Mohalla Clinic in New Delhi.Twitter | @Mohalla_Clinics

A by-product of the Delhi assembly election results was the political vindication of the idea of ‘Mohalla clinics’. The lessons offered by these institutions and their implications for Indian healthcare merit discussion.

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