Sunday, November 11, 2018

Meet Hindutva’s new warriors: All they need is sex, all they get is Twitter

A peek inside the heart and mind of Girish Maheshwari, arrested for “threatening” Congress spokesperson’s child with rape.
Girish Maheshwari was arrested in Ahmedabad |

SHIVAM VIJ 6 July, 2018

A Mumbai Police team went to Ahmedabad Thursday and arrested a man called Girish Maheshwari. On Twitter a few days ago, he had threatened to rape Congress spokesperson Priyanka Chaturvedi’s 10-year-old daughter.

Meet Mr Maheshwari:
He had issued the threat in response to a fake quote where Chaturvedi has been falsely accused of saying, “Only one rape has been committed in Mandsaur. It is the right of Muslims to rape. Our party is with Irfan (the rapist)”.
Maheshwari is 36. His Facebook page says he is single and interested in women. He is self-employed and claims to have been working with the Bhartiya Janata Party as an “accounting associate”.
His 558 Facebook friends include people with names like “Bajrang mantri” and others with profile pictures wherein they are wearing RSS uniforms.
Many pictures uploaded by Maheshwari on his Facebook page are public. They give some insight into the mind of someone who threatens to rape a young girl on social media.
‘Lonely’ Maheshwari has put up several political posts supporting Hindutva, the BJP, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and opposing the Congress. One disturbing photoshopped picture depicts a Muslim man beheaded with a sword. He sees Narendra Modi as a Hindu king.
Then there are non-political posts where women are being depicted as sex objects. Such as:
He hopes women are checking him out online.
He hopes his life turns out like this.
Unfortunately, his life is more like this.
A 2017 photo said, “Boys who are pure in their hearts are always alone.”
This is how he seems to think he should greet women he likes:
This could be his idea of a date:
If only they’d propose him and perhaps make his life easier:
Maybe it’s a harmless appreciation of cherubic charm, but there’s something disturbing about the number of children’s photos he posts, especially in light of his threat to rape a minor.
Back in the day, he used to post photos of women and ask them to call him.
He seems to be mourning that it’s become harder to stalk women on Facebook.
And, perhaps hopes his friends will post photos of their girlfriends.
It seems, sometimes, his obsession with women and politics converges. In this post, he says the bikini-clad model is ‘the mother of the Congress’.
In his worldview the modern woman may assert her religion but must otherwise hide her body.

Going by this photo, people he doesn’t like are depicted as women worshipping Pakistani terrorists.
He likes women in hijab. Does he think that perhaps he can control them better?
Although he seems to hope they’ll do ghar wapsi and become Hindu.
If his sexual frustrations make him feel like a lesser person, he uses Hindutva politics to feel like a man. Here’s a summary of his solution to the self-esteem problem: To be a Hindu is to be everybody’s boss.
Many Hindu/Hindutva proponents, like Maheshwari, not only troll but also seem to show a distinct obsession with rape and women’s sexuality.
After Maheshwari’s tweet to Priyanka Chaturvedi made headlines, many more have joined the chorus and endorsed rape threats to her and her family members.

Perhaps, all that people like Maheshwari need is sex, but what they want is Hindutva. Sadly, all they have is Twitter where they go around abusing and insulting women in sexually charged language, and threaten to rape them.--The Print

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