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Insane Silence on Pulwama

We are being told to seal our lips and not question Modi’s  disastrous foreign policy......We are being told not to question intelligence failures at multiple levels. We are being told not to ask Modi Govt how atleast 18 major terror attacks on our security forces have been taken place in Jammu and Kashmir alone in the last 5 years or so.
Insane Silence on Pulwama

Exactly eleven days before the barbarous attack at Pulwama in Jammu and Kashmir, Prime Minister, Narendra Modi was seen waiving to invisible crowds, standing on a boat, surrounded by the beautiful landscape of the Dal Lake.Except for the PM’s entourage, cameraman and heavy security paraphernalia, there was hardly a soul there.

Vajpayee woven slogans of ‘Insaaniyat, Kashmiriyat & Jhamooriyat’ are all very well for lip service. Modi also repeated the same. But the reality is a terrible truth. The truth is Jammu & Kashmir has been used by the BJP as a laboratory to experiment its bigoted agenda and play politics.

Not only this, BJP has been always been cowardly in its response to Pakistan and has no strategic policy to counter its cross border terrorism and secure our Nation.

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Pakistan’s long adopted policy of ‘bleeding India through a thousand cuts’ was nipped in the bud when for ten long years, India employed drastic  diplomatic steps, military interventions and confidence building measures to usher in relative peace in Jammu & Kashmir, during the Congress-UPA led Manmohan Singh Government.

This was done at multiple levels. Both at the frontline and at the backchannel level. Manmohan Singh did not visit Pakistan even once, unlike Modi who landed at Nawaz Sharif’s doorstep, uninvited and after that Pathankot happened.

This data of ‘relative peace’ and the policy of ‘healing touch’ is well documented and has been mentioned umpteen times by those who follow Jammu & Kashmir very closely.

18 Major terrorist Attacks have taken place under Modi Govt

July 2015 – Gurdaspur attack in Dinanagar police station that killed 10 civilians and 7 security personnel including a Superintendent of Punjab Police.
August 2015 – Udhampur attack on a BSF convoy, where 2 Jawans were martyred and 10 injured.
January 2016 – Pathankot attack on the Air Force Base Station which killed 7 Indian Military Personnel and 1 Civilian.
February 2016 – Pampore attack on an Indian Army parliamentary convoy on the main road linking Srinagar to Jammu, killing 2 soldiers and a civilian.
June 2016 – Pampore attack on a CRPF convoy where 8 CRPF personnel were killed
September 2016 – The cowardly attack on the Army base in Uri, in which 20 Indian Army man sacrificed their lives.
November 2016 – Recent attack in Nagrota and Samba where 7 Army personnel died.
December , 2016 –  Terrorists attack army convoy in Pampore, 3 soldiers killed
February 13, 2017 – Kulgam encounter: 2 Jawans martyred in South Kashmir
February 14, 2017 – Hajin Area, Handwara- 4 Jawans including 1 Army Major sacrificed in encounter
April 26, 2017 – Kupwara – 3 Jawans, including Army Captain martyred in a terror attack on Army Base Camp
May 1, 2017- Udhampur (Jammu & Kashmir) Pak opens fire, violates ceasefire , 2 Jawans martyred, later mutilates bodies of the Jawans
June 17,2017- 14 die- 6 Policemen and 1 Army Jawan Martyred in attack on Security Personnel in Various Places
July 10, 2017 – Amarnath Pilgrims attacked , 8 Pilgrims Killed and 18 Injured.
3 Oct 2017- Attack on BSF Camp near Srinagar Airport, 1 Jawan Martyred. 2 Injured.
Feb 10, 2018 – Sunjwan Army Camp Attack, 5 Jawans Martyred, 2 Civilians Killed
Jan 1, 2019 – 5 CRPF Jawans in Local Fidayeen Attack
Feb 14 2019 – 40 Jawans Martyred, Pulwama (Awantipora)

As the boxed bodies of 40 martyrs are being paid tributes, the hearts and souls of every Indian are bleeding. Anguished and angered, most people are numb. Indians believe in their Government and they believe that it will deliver – either by tactical/punitive military action or by diplomatic offensive, or by a combination of both.

The principle opposition party – Congress has backed the Government of India in whatever response it takes. All this bipartisan talks of unity is great. But a different kind of atmosphere is being created, this time, which has never happened before. Not even during Parliament Attack or Kargil or during Mumbai 26/11 attack.

We are being told to ‘shut up’. We are being told to stay silent and not ask pertinent questions to the Government of the day. We are being told not to ask about how this extraordinary horrific terror attack took place on a convoy of our Jawans.

We are being told not to question intelligence failures at multiple levels. We are being told not to ask Modi Govt how atleast 18 major terror attacks on our security forces have been taken place in Jammu and Kashmir alone in the last 5 years or so.

We are being told to not to ask about the repeated policy failures which the BJP enacted in Jammu and Kashmir since the past 5 years.

 We are being told to shut our mouths and not point out at the fact that the Ceasefire Violation count at the LoC & International Border, emanating from Pakistan has is now 5595 (From May 2014 to Feb 13 2019- a day before the Pulwama attack) This is 1000% increase in the ceasefire violations that took place during UPA.

We are being told not to question PM Modi’s false announcements in 2016, on reviewing the Indus Water treaty with Pakistan. We are being told to shut our mouth and not question Modi’s disastrous Pakistan policy when he invited ISI to investigate Pathankot Air Force Base Attack.

We are being told not to question the Modi Govt on why it did not question China on its opposition to declare Masood Azhar as a ‘global terrorist’ in the UN. We are being told not to remind the Government of the day that due to its inconsistent Pakistan policy, we have lost 479 Jawans and 280 Civilians in Jammu and Kashmir alone. We are being told not to question the 93% increase in Jawan deaths since Modi came to power.

We are being told to keep our mouth shut and not talk about how a local Kashmiri youth, after getting radicalized got 350 kgs of RDX in a car, in the most heavily guarded highway in the country.

We are being told not to ask why the Standard Operating Procedure of sanitizing the convoy path was not followed. We are being told not to ask why local militancy has grown in Jammu and Kashmir in the past 4 years.

We are being told not to question the Modi and his sick politicization of the Surgical Strikes- making a punitive action by our Army a Bollywood spectacle to garner votes.

We are being told not to tell the nation that atleast 5 Surgical Strikes* took place, silently during Congress-UPA and no hullaballoo was made then.

We are being told not to criticize the loudmouth war mongering anchors who are all geared up to go to war, without thinking it strategically.

We are being told not to question rabid keyboard warriors on Social Media who are inciting all kinds of communal passions on digital platforms and playing to the hands of Pakistan.

 We are being told to seal our lips and not question Modi’s  disastrous foreign policy.

We are being told not to ask questions about how BJP in the past has used terrorism as part of the political discourse to earn cheap brownie political points. We are being told not to remind India about how Modi was having a press conference and playing politics, while NSG commandos were firefighting the 26/11 Mumbai terror attack.

We are being told not to remind India about the blood stained ads which the BJP released in newspapers and Vajpayee’s appeal to Delhi voters, even as people were crying and watching the 26/11 terror attack on their TV screens.

The BJP has always used the precarious security situation in Jammu and Kashmir sadly, as a ‘milch cow’ to milk and polish it’s so called ‘nationalistic image’ for the rest of the country.

 Today they are using it as a guinea pig to carry out their communal, hate filled agenda in order to win votes. Vajpayee enacted ‘Operation Parakram’ (military build-up, post Parliament attack) where 1874 Jawans sacrificed their life and blood, without even fighting a war. Modi wants to create the same scenario.

They have miserably failed in dealing with Pakistan and securing our Nation. They have compromised National Security, but in the name of ‘Nationalism’ & ‘National Unity’ – we are being forced to ‘Shut the F**k up”!  This has been Modi Government’s biggest disservice to the Nation.

No sane Indian will digest that, and we shall continue to ask pertinent questions.

*5 Previous Surgical Strikes under Congress-UPA

19th June, 2008 (Bhattal Sector, Poonch);
30th Aug-1st September, 2011 (Sharda Sector, across Neelam River Valley in Kel);
6th January, 2013 (Sawan Patra Checkpost); 27th-28th July, 2013 ( Nazapir Sector);
6th August, 2013 (Neelam Valley);
14th  January, 2014 (Army Chief, General Bikram Singh’s statement qua Surgical Strike on Dec 23, 2013-- Rachit Seth --

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