Thursday, March 28, 2019

BJP Dalit MP Anshul Verma Hands Over Resignation to Chowkidar at Party’s Lucknow Headquarter

“My fault for denial of ticket might be that I had raised voice against distribution of liquor in a temple premises.” Anshul Verma
(Photo: Screengrab/@PJkanojia)

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MP from Hardoi Anshul Verma joined Samajwadi Party on Wednesday, after submitting his resignation letter to a watchman (chowkidar) at the party headquarters in Lucknow.

Omar Rashid reported in The Hindu that the MP from Hardoi, a reserved constituency, also handed over a day’s wage to the watchman, as he taunted the BJP over its ‘chowkidar’ campaign led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

When asked why submit his resignation to the watchman, Verma told IANS, “The ‘chowkidar’ is the most responsible face of the government… I decided to give my resignation to a real one. Why give it to a wealthy watchman?”
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In 2014, Verma won the Hardoi seat in central Uttar Pradesh. However, in the first list of BJP candidates, he and five other sitting MPs were replaced, apparently for not performing up to the mark, reported The Hindu.
The Hindu added that four of the six replaced MPs are Dalits, which prompted Verma to asked: “Are only MPs from the Dalit society niskriya (sluggish)?”
He reportedly said that he has been punished by BJP for focusing on development and maintaining 95 per cent attendance in Parliament, adding that he may have been penalised for not writing ‘chowkidar’ on his social media wall.
Vikas kiya hai vikas karenge, chowkidar nahi Anshul hi bane rahenge (I have done development and will continue to do so. I will remain Anshul and not become a chowkidar),” he said, reported IANS.
Verma joined the SP aftertendering his resignation.
Anshul Verma
Speaking to reporters at SP headquarters, in presence of party chief Akhilesh Yadav, Verma said, “I have joined the SP without any conditions. My fault for denial of ticket might be that I had raised voice against distribution of liquor in a temple premises at a conference of the Pasi community, to which I belong,” reported PTI.--NC

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