Sunday, March 31, 2019

BJP Minister Violates Code of Conduct, Hurls Abuses, Misbehaves with Official When Stopped (Watch)

Minister for Health Ashwini Kumar Choubey was travelling with over 30 vehicle convoy, beyond the permissible limit.
(Photo: ANI)

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MP Ashwini Kumar Choubey was captured on video misbehaving with Sub-Divisional Magistrate (SDM) KK Upadhyay in Bihar’s Buxar, after the official stopped his convoy for violating the Model Code of Conduct (MCC) on Saturday, March 30.

As per reports, Choubey was stopped by the officer after he held a public rally allegedly beyond the permissible time limit set by the election commission.

He was also allegedly travelling in a convoy of around 40 vehicles, more than the officially permitted limit.
The minister was captured on video hurling abuses and tried to intimidate the official by getting out of his car.
He threatened the official saying, “Khabardar, tamasha mat kijiye” (Be careful, don’t make a scene).
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The SDM calmly replied, “Jo election commission ka aadesh aaya hai wo manna padega” (We will have to follow the election commission’s order).
Further, the minister angrily said, “Thik hai to mujhe jail bhejiye, le chaliye jail” (Alright, then take me to jail).

The government officer, who is seen calm and composed, despite Choubey’s verbal outburst, replies that the order is to seize the vehicles and not the minister. However, the minister was in no mood to surrender his vehicles.
He said, “Gaadiya meri hai ye zabt nahi ki jaa sakti” (The cars are mine, you cannot seize them).
Chanting slogans, the convoy then moved ahead without paying heed to the SDM’s warnings.
After the incident, speaking to the media, Upadhyay said that action will be taken as per law.
“There was no permission for vehicles but it has been reported that there were many vehicles parked here at Zila Maidan. There were about 30-40 vehicles in the convoy,” he reportedly said.
Upadhyay added, “His (Choubey’s) language is his concern. Cases will be registered for every vehicle that was in the convoy.”
Ashwini Kumar Choubey is the Minister of State for Health and Family Welfare under the Narendra Modi government. He is an MP from Buxar and is contesting for re-election from the same constituency.-NC

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