Monday, March 25, 2019

Exclusive: Ford Cars Will Now Get In-Car Alexa Personal Assistant

The new In-Car-Alexa voice command system comes from Amazon, and will be integrated into Ford cars through the latest Microsoft SYNC 3 AppLink. US and Europe launch expected in second half of 2019, India likely to get the service by 2020.
Ford cars will now come equipped with the in-car-Alexa feature.

After years of positioning its Microsoft Sync systems as the big in-car USP, Ford is now all set to make its cars Amazon Echo enabled. More specifically the In-Car Alexa personal assistant - which now takes the connectivity story ahead after Apple CarPlay or Android Auto have already become commonplace. 

Ford has partnered with Amazon for the Industry-first In-Car Alexa voice command assist system. This is the first such application in amass car brand's portfolio and will work on similar lines as the latest voice-guided personal assistants that BMW and Mercedes-Benz have unveiled only recently. 

Echo family
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The Sync interface will continue to be in play here, and shall work in conjunction with Amazon's flagship communicator. The Alexa voice assist system will be integrated into the latest Microsoft Sync 3 AppLink and will respond to various languages.

 According to our sources, Amazon is training the Alexa to understand multiple languages including Indian dialects. This leads us to believe that the product is set for a worldwide release, and not just within the United States.-ndtv

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