Saturday, July 27, 2019

Disgraceful: Indian Family caught red-handed, while stealing from Hotel in Bali, watch video

Indian Family caught red-handed, while stealing from Hotel in Bali, watch video

Well, we all plan for a trip to a place like Bali, noting its beauty and the tourist destination. Also, before reaching we book Hotels for living which provides us everything in an order to make us feel like we are at our own home. We do take care of our respect and our own nation’s pride.

However, a family has given a dent on India, as they stole everything from the Hotel room, while they were leaving the Hotel. A video is raging on the Internet where an Indian family is been checked with their luggage while leaving Hotel.

In a video, the authorities are investigating the luggage and guess what, everything from the hotel room was stoles. The family is saying Sorry and asking the authorities that they will pay for it.

 Also, when the authorities said that they were yelling, now call the police. The family said Sorry and they will pay for it. Meanwhile, a lady in the family is asking the member, Ye Kya Kiya Hai? (what have you done?).

The Red Tea Detox

The authority asks them to explain, the man in the family keeps arguing that he will pay, how many will it cost, to which the authorities reply, “yes I know, you have more money”. “Extra Money, I will pay”, the man replies. “This is no respect”, says the authority. Meanwhile, a woman advocates and says, we are really Sorry. Afterward, the man shouts on a woman and says, “if you could have asked me to buy you a product worth Rs 50 Lakh, I would have done it”. “Sorry, Sorry”, the woman chants.

The family then asks the authority, Sorry, they are just children, they don’t know, we are really Sorry. The video ends with the man apologizing to the authority, even touching his feet.-PTC News

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