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UP Crash: Rape Survivor's Mother Blames BJP Leader, Cops Say "Accident"

Unnao rape survivor's family says car crash "onspiracy", wants CBI probe. The Unnao rape survivor and her family were on their way to the district jail in Rae Bareli to meet her uncle, who is serving a life term in a separate case. In the heavy rain, their car had a head-on collision with a truck. UP Crash: Rape Survivor's Mother Blames BJP Leader, Cops Say 'Accident'

Unnao: Uttar Pradesh BJP lawmaker Kuldeep Sengar, who allegedly raped a 15-year-old girl in 2017, was also involved in yesterday's accident that left the teen seriously injured, her mother has said. The girl and her family met with an accident yesterday in Raebareli, that left two of her family members dead. The teen and her lawyer are in hospital.

The state police chief said she is out of danger. He also added that preliminary investigations indicate that it was an accident, but they are open to a CBI investigation if the family wants. Kuldeep Sengar - a four-time legislator who represents Bangermau in the Uttar Pradesh Assembly - has been in prison for a year over the alleged rape, which took place in 2017.

"I have got to know that the lawmaker got it done. He is inside... he has a phone inside (the jail). He is doing everything sitting inside the jail," the teen's mother told reporters. "Sengar is in jail but his men aren't. He and his men were threatening us... We want justice."

The number plate of the truck was scrubbed with black paint.
The family, residents of Unnao - around 45 km from state capital Lucknow - was on its way to the district jail in Rae Bareli yesterday to meet her uncle, who is serving a life term in a separate case. In the heavy rain, their car had a head-on collision with a truck.

It later turned out that the truck had its number plate scrubbed with black paint. The security detail that the girl was meant to have, was also not accompanying her.
Unnao rape survivor accident: Family seeks CBI probe, Uttar Pradesh CM Yogi Adityanath orders free treatment
Sengar was an influential leader in the Bangarmau constituency, and the family battled for a year before he was named in a police case for the rape.

On April 8, 2018, the survivor attempted to immolate herself outside the residence of Uttar Pradesh chief minister Yogi Adityanath to draw attention to the case.

The following day, her father was allegedly assaulted by Sengar’s brother and his accomplices in police custody, leading to fatal injuries. A Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) probe indicted the MLA and several people connected to him of attempts to frame the survivor’s family in order to pressure her to drop the case.

A witness in the assault, Mohammed Yunus, died a few months later. Sengar has been in prison since outrage over the case grew and federal investigators stepped in.

Two security personnel provided to the rape survivor were not present at the time of the accident and the matter was being investigated, said Unnao superintendent of police, MK Verma.

State police chief OP Singh police said prima facie, it was an accident, but they will support the family if they want a probe by the Central Bureau of Investigation.
Asked why the number plate was blacked out, the police chief said they are investigating the matter. The driver and his helper have been arrested and their call records are being probed, he added. "Every angle is being investigated, but prima facie, it appears to be an accident," he said.

The police are also investigating why the security persons - provided to the girl after the rape -- did not accompany her. "Our information suggests the security wasn't with them today, it seems they refused it," said another police officer, MP Verma.

The matter created ripples in parliament, where the upper house, Rajya Sabha, was adjourned till noon following Opposition protests.

bjp mla kuldeep sengar pti
Kuldeep Sengar has been charged with rape and criminal conspiracy by the CBI. (File)
In a series if tweets, Congress's Priyanka Gandhi targetted the state's BJP government.  
"So a woman is allegedly raped by a BJP MLA. Her father is beaten up and dies in custody. A key witness dies mysteriously last year. Now her aunt who was also a witness is killed and her lawyer is critically injured in an accident caused by a truck with blackened number plates," one of her tweets read.
"She herself lies grievously wounded in hospital from the same accident. The accused continues as a BJP legislator, and the BJP State Government has the audacity to run a Fear-free campaign???" read another.

The #Unnao Rape survivor's father died while in prison, the truck that has hit her and her family members is reported to have its number plate wiped off with black paint and Kuldeep Sengar, MLA & rape accused has still not been thrown out of the BJP. Let that sink in.

Let this sink in. #Unnao Rape survivor's father was beaten to death. Now she is critically injured in a truck hit. Two of her relatives are dead. Her lawyer is critical. The rape accused, BJP lawmaker #Sengar was visited by Unnao MP Sakshi Maharaj in jail. Let this sink in.

The girl has alleged that in June 2017, she was sexually assaulted by the lawmaker when she went to his Unnao home with a relative, to seek a job.

Unnao woman who accused BJP MLA of rape critically injured after being hit by truck, two relatives, incl mother, dead, lawyer critical ; her father died in jail; eyewitness to father death died in 'suspicious' circumstances. And you thought it only happened in movies? Tragic..
A year later, after running from pillar to post for justice, the girl and her mother attempted self-immolation outside the house of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, which drew the attention of the national media.

हद है। UP में क़ानून व्यवस्था 0 है। विधायक ने पिडीता के बाप, गवाह & अब चाची को मरवाया। पिडीता & वक़ील सीरीयस हैं। इतने संगीन केस में जेल तो जनता के दबाव में पहुँचा पर विधायकी न गयी। उलटा भाजपा MP साक्षी महाराज उसका धन्यवाद देने जेल पहुँचे। क्या BJP में इस गुंडे पे कार्यवाही होगी?

उन्नाव पीड़िता से मिलने लखनऊ हॉस्पिटल जा रही हूं। वो इस लड़ाई में अकेली नहीं हैं, पूरा देश उसके साथ है। उसकी सुरक्षा और ट्रीटमेंट सुनिश्चित करवाऊँगी। कोशिश करके बेहतर इलाज के लिए सभी इंतजाम दिल्ली में करवारूँगी। अब उसके साथ और कोई साज़िश ना होने पाए!

Last year, an 18-yr-old girl accused Unnao BJP MLA of rape
Her father was arrested & died in police custody, 14 injury marks on body
Her uncle was slapped with 5 criminal cases
Today, she got hit by a truck, critical condition
Her aunt & lawyer killed
Days later, her father died after being detained by the police. Postmortem report indicated that he was severely beaten. The family alleged the involvement of Kuldeep Sengar's brother Atul Sengar.

The CBI has told the court that the girl was raped by the lawmaker around on 4 June 2017. The agency has charged the lawmaker with rape and criminal conspiracy and his brother of murder.-ndtv  & The Print

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