Tuesday, February 4, 2020

AAP to win 54-60 out of 70 seats, BJP may bag 10-14: Times Now poll

NEW DELHI: The Aam Aadmi Party is poised to sweep the Delhi assembly elections winning between 54 and 60 seats in the 70-member house, a poll released by Times Now on Monday said. BJP is projected to get 10 to 14 seats and Congress at best two.

Interestingly, the same poll shows that if a Lok Sabha poll were to be held now, BJP would win all seven seats in the Capital, just as it did last year. The poll, conducted by Ipsos, gave AAP a 52% vote share against BJP’s 34%, an 18-point lead in an essentially bipolar contest that would prove crushing. These vote shares represent a minor shift from the 2015 assembly polls, with AAP losing 2.5 percentage points and BJP gaining 1.7 percentage points.

For the hypothetical Lok Sabha polls, 46% picked BJP and 38% AAP, but even this relatively smaller gap was enough for a clean sweep by the saffron party. Narendra Modi remains the clear favourite for the PM’s post, with 75% of those surveyed picking him. Rahul Gandhi came a distant second with 8%.

On the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) issue, 71% felt the government had done the right thing. Not surprisingly, 52% were against the Shaheen Bagh blockade and only 25% agreed with the protesters, the remaining 24% not expressing any definite opinion on the issue. The IPSOS survey had a sample size of 7,321 respondents selected randomly from across Delhi. Samples were collected between January 27 and February 1 across socio-economic strata. The statistical margin of error in the poll is 5%.--TOI

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