Friday, February 14, 2020

Ahmedabad: Flowers worth Rs 3.7 crore to decorate routes for for US president, first lady

AHMEDABAD: The Ahmedabad municipal corporation (AMC) has decided to have flowers worth Rs 3.7 crore for beautification of the stretch from Chimmanbhai Patel Bridge to Zundal Circle and up to Motera.

The standing committee on Thursday approved two proposals for beautification of the roads. One from Chimanbhai Patel Bridge to Motera stadium at the cost of Rs 1.73 crore while the other proposal for the stretch from Chimanbhai Patel Bridge to Zundal Circle was approved at the cost of Rs 1.97 crore. The officials said that the proposal is for developing green spaces under the metro route.

Moreover, the AMC has also approved a third proposal which permits the officials to have adequate lighting water and urinals at the venue. 

It was decided that the lighting along the route will be theme-based lightings. The AMC permitted setting up of stages for the various programmes that will be performed on the route.--TOI

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